Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

- The Nazgûl

“Today, we honor a great soldier,” Joe began.

“A soldier who gave their life in battle so that we all could live. Today we gather together to honor Alex Stone. She has fought all her life. She fought in the battle of Viking Bay, the battle of the Redwoods, the battle of the Highlands, the battle for Ragnarok, the battle of Abberation, the batttle of apotheosis, and finally, the battle for emberfall. She is the reason we are alive now. Her last wish, was that Spark and Jennifer make it to earth. They leave tomorrow. We will see they leave safely. Spark would like to say a few things before we prepare to send them off.”

Spark stepped up.

“I knew Alex for a long time. She was a great soldier. She was never overcome by fear or anger. She knew they were the real enemy. The first time Alex showed me what she was capable of was at Viking Bay. When all was lost, she rallied the men, and lead us to victory. When she was poisoned by a dagger she did not stop fighting. When she was hit with an arrow she did not stop fighting. When she knew it would cost her life she did not stop fighting. My life has been changed for the better since Alex became my friend. I just never thought it would end this way. We will not stop fighting for what she wanted. Peace. Freedom. Safety.”

As everyone left, many came to comfort Jennifer and Spark for their loss. But the mission wasn’t over. Earth was still in danger.

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