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Hello, listeners. I have a story to tell about my beloved monkey, Mini Jalepeno. So, it was a few years back(2018 or 2019) when I tamed this meso I saw, I named him Mini Jalepeno(I named myself Jalepeno). Then, I go to tame a Spino, I tamed the Spino but a few seconds before I got back Mini Jalepeno’s death message appeared on my screen, he was killed by a raptor, I was gonna finish my boat, “The Chilly Raptors” (named after my pack of raptors) but instead I looked for his body, I couldn’t find it. I remembered the times we spent together, hunting, eating and more, I have grown to hate every wild raptor and kill them instantly since Mini Jalepeno’s death. I have created multiple gravestones for him and have put some of the things he enjoyed in a box. I will never forget you or the times we have spent together, bye Mini Jalepeno.

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