Skullhelm's story C4 p3

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Skullhelm's story C4 p3

Skullhelm sat with Sapphire, Zéta and Éta, and Cinder.

They had managed to get to the Highlands and locate Storm II, the problem was he was hiding in the old lighthouse.

'I definitely am going to eat him after this' Sapphire hissed, muttering something about feeling like her feathers were being plucked out. 'He'll probably taste bitter even them' Éta growled even more miserably,

'Revenge always tastes sweet' Sapphire replied darkly

'If we can catch him, it would be my pleasure to let you eat him, certianly' Skullhelm said, wondering if she should have just stayed wild and kept out of situations like this one.

But they didn't have to wait long before Storm II came out, a day later he attempted to sneak out to get berries, after they'd caught him that time Skullhelm certianly was tempted divide him in three pieces and feed a piece each to Sapphire, Zéta and Éta, but as always he got away too fast. More in C4 p4

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