Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

- The Nazgûl

Alex had enjoyed the ride on the raft. Many others had not. Nearly everyone else had gotten seasick. She wondered what would happen when they got there. Would Spark be there? Would they still be fighting somewhere else? Would they have moved on without them? She looked over at the other raft. The soldiers were still bandaging their wounds. They had been attacked by a whale and lost a raft. Piranhas had swarmed to the reck. Everyone crammed onto the other rafts. They all made it out alive, but many had been bitten pretty bad. She looked ahead and saw the soldiers on the shore. As the raft pulled up, she saw her mother and father standing on the shore. She jumped in the water and swam as fast as she could. The three of them stood there hugging for several minutes. But nonnegotiable of them had any idea of the troubles they would soon have to face in Viking Bay.

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