Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

- The Nazgûl

“I can’t believe he wants us to climb the cliff. There’s no way everyone will make it up there alive.” Brian said. Spark was getting everyone geared up.

“I admit, it is a risky idea, but it is the best we’ve got. It beats wandering around through those swamps again to find a path up.” Chad said.

In a few minutes, everyone was ready. Spark shot a couple grappling hooks. He went first, and everyone else followed. The cable on the hooks were thin and rough. Several soldiers cut their hands pulling themselves up, but continued to climb. Chad almost fell coming up over the edge, but Spark caught him. Everyone had made it. They were at the highest point on the edge. They could simply just drop down on the enemy and shoot them from above. The first side of the canyon fell easily, but now they had to get to the other side, which was either a long jump over a mad rushing river hundreds of feet below them, or a long trek around the rest of the canyon.

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