Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

- The Nazgûl

The soldiers were ready. They had gathered on the edge of the swamp. Somewhere in that mess of trees and filthy water were the enemy soldiers. However, while much of the animals were hiding because of the battle, the leeches were not. It would be a difficult task to fight and avoid the leeches. The general gave the order to move in. Their entire force was actually four groups. One general had been chosen to lead everyone. While everyone knew he was a good soldier, however, at times, they doubted his strategies, and were desperately longing for Spark to get there. Suddenly, arrows began wizzing by. Every attempted to take cover behind trees. They would have to make mad dashes from tree to tree to advance on their enemy. A couple soldiers already had leeches in them. Many soldiers fell as they all dashed from one tree to the next. Finally, the remaining soldiers made it to the enemy. The sword clashing began. Their training had paid off. The enemy was much less skilled, but there were more of them. The soldiers began to weary. After a week of fighting, they were losing hope. Suddenly, a horn blew. Spark had arrived.

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