Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

- The Nazgûl

The forces in the highlands had no idea that the redwoods had been taken. Bret took the troops down the shore past the cliffs where they would not be seen. When he found a slope, everyone prepared to fight. The base would fall easily. It had now walls of protection. It had one great building for armoring troops and one watchtower. Bart had also spotted a suspicious looking box in the base. However, he did not know what it could be for. But he did not have time to think about it more. The troops rushed up the hill, surprising the enemy. As the enemy soldiers began to thin, there was a loud creaking. The gates to the strange box were opening. They heard a deafening roar. Then a dragon flew out. It began to rain fire from the skies. Many were burned. The archers loosed arrow after arrow. Except for Alex. Having seen a ballista turret on the watchtower, she began to climb it. Nearly a third of their attack force was down. Alex looked around. There wasn’t a single spear bolt. She loaded her sword. She took careful aim and fired. The sword dug into the dragon’s neck. Just then, she heard the booming of drums. The rafts had arrived. Soon, the east would be fortified, and troops would move out to help take the west. The war would soon be over.

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