Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

- The Nazgûl

Arrows flew randomly from the base. With all the watchtowers taken care of, the base was in complete mayhem without a warning of the attack. Several tried to retreat and get word to the highlands, but they found Spark and Alex waiting for them. The battle was quickly over.

“Today, marks a great victory. The highlands is all that stands between us and the enemy on the eastern side of the island. When we take the highlands, a group of new troops with catapults will arrive on rafts. I will take men back to the swamp in the west to help with the battle there. Once we have the enemy cut off on all sides, we will attack. I have been called to the swamps early. Bret will take charge of the attack on the highlands. I hope to see all of you again when the war is won.” Spark stepped down from the platform. Everyone began to rest for the attack on the highlands.

“You want me to do it?” Bret asked.

“Yes. You are a skilled fighter. I left a list of soldiers that should be brought to the swamps when the highlands are taken.” Spark said.

“Well, good luck in the swamps. I hope to see you again.” Bret saluted.

Spark saluted back. Then he walked of into the woods to begin his long journey west.

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