Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

- The Nazgûl

The medical tents had been running all night. There were many wounded.

“So, what’s your story?” The medic asked. She seemed very old, but had a gentle hand and was very kind. Currently, she was treating Jennifer’s wounds.

“My what?” Jennifer asked back.

“Your story. How you came to be in the war, what it was like for you before the war.”

“Well, we lived here for a while, then my little sister Alex was born. We lived happily for many years. Then the war came. We were sent to fight in the desert. Our mom and dad went to fight in the swamp.”

“How young is your sister?” The doctor asked.


“The poor girl. How can they make someone that young fight in the army? Well, I hope she stays healthy. Your all patched up.”

“That was fast.”

“Ha! That’s because I know all the tricks to medical business. I’ve got it all drilled into my brain. And you’ll find that my bandages will work faster.”

“Well why don’t you tell the other doctors?”

“They never ask. They never listen when I try to tell them. They think I am just a crazy old woman. But, because I am old, I will need someone to teach. I won’t be around forever. Are you interested?”

“I would be happy to learn.”

“Good. I can teach you at night. I would recommend you take sword training though. We need someone who can go out into the battle field and help people, but still be able to defend themselves. It’s normally the walk back to camp that causes a soldier to die. They don’t get treatment soon enough.”

“Well then, I guess I will see you tomorrow night.” Jennifer said. She left to go to her tent. Tomorrow was the first day of training. Everyone needed as much sleep as possible to be ready.

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