Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

- The Nazgûl

The armies fought for hours. Neither side was experienced. Grant’s men were simply villagers that he captured. The other side, was made up of a ragtag band of soldiers who had never witnessed a battle once. Only a few men died. Nearly all were injured in some way. Neither side had one. Both had lost. As Grant’s men returned, his general stationed there ridiculed them.

“You call yourselves soldiers! We should have won that fight. You must be trained to fight like true warriors. We start tomorrow. Anyone who is late will be tortured.”

Back at the council’s camp(the rebellion is what I will call them), a war council was formed. Spark was put on.

“What will we do?” One member asked.

“We must train our men.” Another answered.

“But who will do it?” The first asked.

As they looked around the room, Spark volunteered.

“I will train them.” He said.

“Alright then. We need them ready as soon as possible.” Everyone agreed.

Spark took the men into a place near the jungle. It was safer there than in the desert.

“Over the next weeks, you will be trained in the art of war. We will start in the morning. Anyone who is late, will miss their meals and have the chores of cleaning up. If the plan goes as hoped, you will be ready to fight in a week.”

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