Zontaní Skiá(Greek for living shadow)

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Zontaní Skiá(Greek for living shadow)

Have you ever seen you're shadow move on its own out of the corner of you're eye? Then that, my friend, was a Zontaní Skiá. These living shadows control people and creatures shadows, helping or hurting them. The Zontaní Skiá could help by pointing out food, or it could hurt by giving away you're location or possessing you. Zontaní Skiá are deadly foes, as they can kill you easily, or, if they're feeling evil, they can make you're life pure pain and misery. They mainly take the form of a creatires shadow, but when they arent, they look like a featureless ghost thats dimly glowing and erie black, with dimly glowing white eyes. These creatures home land is the lost ark Nova, but they eventually asended off and now roam most arks.....



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