Máng Nù

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Máng Nù

[For free use but you must stay true to the character. Máng Nù are mindless creatures and attack whatever isn't one of them. I will allow the killing off of a few, but not all ~CL1]

Discovered by explorer Mei-Yin Li, Máng Nù is a swarm of an ancient species of Onyc, usually identified by its pale skin and lack of eyes. Because of this, Li named the monstrosity "Máng Nù," meaning "Blind Fury." Their adept noses can bypass bug repellent and their fangs can easily pierce through armour. However, Máng Nù always go for the biggest meal, bones and all. Many humans have survived their attacks by having one of their larger tames with them. All reports claim Máng Nù can consume creatures up to the size of an Allo in under 7 seconds, depending on how many Onycs there are. Many attaempts have been made to find a weakness for these monsters, but their ferocity and speed makes them almost invunerable... almost.

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