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"The problem with this election is that nobody actually…

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"The problem with this election is that nobody actually likes Biden, they're just brainwashed into thinking That Trump is a spawn from hell and that Joe Biden must be better. Very Foolish of them."

-a comment on YouTube with 1.4k.

likes, one of them being mine

"No more America first"

-i swear that Joe Biden said that, I mean what does he think he is, China?

"...All men and women created know, the thing..."

"No I haven't taken a test, why would I take a test?..."

That quote utterly horrifies me...

He's trying to tell everyone that there's always "massive spikes" yet he doesn't even want to take a test himself.

"Covid ha- has taken more than one hundred years t- uh- here's the deal- The lives- it just...uhhh...think about it."

"If Donald hump is reelected"


The thing is, the amount of dislikes on the videos are about 1k, and the amount of likes are 50k!!!

The election WAS rigged!


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