Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

- The Nazgûl

Fire. Ash. Destruction. That was all that remained at emberfall. Joe sent in many troopers to salvage what they could.

“Commander!” A trooper came running.

“What is it?” Joe said sensing the urgency in his voice.

“We found a recorded message sent by the enemy commander to his troops.”

“Play it for me.”

The recording started.

“If anyone is hearing this recording, I would presume Joe, that means bad news for you. I am General Grant. You may remember me after I waged war on you on ragnarok. You also, quite mistakenly, assumed me dead. Well, clearly, I am not. My troops will be covering my escape from emberfall. You will not survive on earth.”

“When was this recorded.” Joe asked, worry beginning to sprout in his mind.

“We could not find when it was recorded. It is also only half the message. We couldn’t find the other half.”

An explosion shook the ground. The bunker of Joe’s troops was up in flames. Just then, a flash came from the obelisk.

‘So this is what he was talking about’ Joe thought.

Jennifer and Spark were in danger. He needed to find a way to contact them. He began to run to the obelisk as fast as he could. His friends lives depended on it.

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