The Fight for Freedom: Part 1; Chapter 1

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The Fight for Freedom: Part 1; Chapter 1

- The Nazgûl

It was a cold misty morning as Spark walked through the crowded dusty streets. Everyone hustled about to ensure they had enough food for the coming winter. The winter of Ragnarok, the name of the island they lived on, was formidable and could wipe out entire villages if the inhabitants were not prepared. However, this was not a normal village. It is what you would call the capital of the state if the island were one. However, this village is not one of times we live in now. This was before technology. The average man walked had a sword in his house for fighting, but was untrained in using it properly. People walked around in worn clothing, often having to go to the tailor’s, likely the most profitable profession in the town next to being an official. The officials were in charge. However, they did not rule the people, they simply made the best choices to benefit them that they could. Though many of the people of this city would seem poor to us, the people spread abroad on the island of Ragnarok saw this town as the rich peoples’ palace.

As Spark walked through the muddying streets, he approached the Capitol Building. This building was not nearly as impressive as it sounds, rather, it was a few houses joined together to form a large meeting room. It was also one of the few houses of the town to have been upgraded with a wooded roof instead of thatch. For whatever reason, Spark had been summoned. All he had been told was to come quickly and that it was urgent. Spark was thirteen, about six feet tall, though he had stopped growing now, and had brown hair. He could handle a sword better than anyone he knew, and enjoyed strategy.

As Spark entered the Capitol building, he was met with a warm welcome. He was invited to sit down. It was now that the first official spoke, that he found his reason for being here.

“As you all know, I called this meeting because of an urgent problem. It appears one of our soldiers has deserted us and made a fort in the volcano area. He has taken most of the North and is pushing towards the South. He must be stopped as soon as possible, preferably before winter. This soldier goes by the name of Grant. Spark, you have been summoned here because you knew Grant. We trust you and would like you to lead the army against him, as you would be able to fight him best having known him so well.”

Grant? Alive? Spark had not believed Grant was still alive. He could hardly believe he was trying to take control of the ark.

“It’s an honor to be able to lead the army. Would you like me to inform the people, or should I keep it on the downside?”

“We will inform the people. Currently, you have two days to pick your two generals and formulate a plan. By then we must begin preparations.”

“I will get right on it.”

Spark left the building and walked towards the east side of town. He knew exactly who his two generals would be.

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